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Boom Truck's Benefits of Leasing

Who Are Boomtruck.Com's Equipment Partners?

One key to BoomTruck.com's growing success is our capacity to team up with �best-in-class� businesses and boom truck manufacturers and dealers. Many of our strongest relationships are with domestic truck manufacturers and their related dealer networks. BoomTruck.com has also enjoyed very strong relationships with foreign boom truck manufacturers who sell their product in the U.S. marketplace. Many of BoomTruck.com's vendor relationships are long-standing in nature and supply a �full-service� commercial vehicle leasing solution. By offering competitive payment options, prompt service, and strong sales & marketing support, BoomTruck.com is the perfect alternative to our supplier partners starting their own in-house leasing programs.

Why Do Businesses Choose Boomtruck.Com To Provide Them With Equipment Leasing Services?

Arrow Value Added: Historically, referrals from our boom truck dealer partners have resulted in a majority of our leasing business. Our dealers are eager to introduce us to their prospective clients because of their confidence in our capacity to effectively provide results. Competitive payment programs, strong customer service, sales & marketing support and excellent communication are just a few reasons our vendors' referral client base continues to grow.
Arrow Strong Servicing: Our goal remains to provide our business clients with a very high level of customer service. Our ability to provide such service, along with our competitive and convenient leasing programs, attributes to our clients returning lease after lease. Year after year, repeat business from our existing client base continues to be a substantial portion of our business.
Arrow Convenience: Apply for a lease with BoomTruck.com and enjoy our quick turnaround. As a direct lender, we make our own credit decision and you avoid the delays typically associated with many leasing brokers. Oftentimes, the only information we need to approve a lease transaction is a one-page application and a brief explanation of the commercial vehicle being acquired. When faced with the costs and inconveniences related with different financing options, it is not surprising that many businesses choose to lease their equipment through BoomTruck.com.

Why Should You Choose Boomtruck.Com?

When compared to banks and other leasing companies, BoomTruck.com offers many benefits. Approval decisions are quick and convenient because we are a direct lender. Other leasing firms often act as a broker placing leases with larger banks. Consequently, turnaround times are often extended and/or delayed. In addition, BoomTruck.com's lease pricing is often more competitive as compared to its �middleman� broker competitors.

BoomTruck.com's equipment expertise and quick turnaround time offer a business an edge when competing with banks. Over the years, we have developed a very strong understanding of printing equipment market values. In addition, our nationwide networks of machine technicians allow us to buy and sell printing equipment with ease.

Because of this strong underwriting and remarketing experience, BoomTruck.com has developed very effective guidelines for structuring deals at inception to prevent losses in the unlikely event a deal defaults. BoomTruck.com supplies its clients and vendors with an one-stop shop for all their leasing needs, funding transactions for companies with the strongest credit, as well as for those with troubled or no credit history. As an alternative, tend to lend to only those companies that can demonstrate a long-standing history of profitability.

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