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Boom Truck's Mission

About Us

Whether you manufacturer and/or dealer looking for a leasing partner or a buyer looking to lease your next commercial vehicle, BoomTruck.com has the commercial truck leasing expertise and support to help you succeed. Started in 1990, BoomTruck.com is a leading company providing commercial vehicle leasing services to businesses throughout the United States. BoomTruck.com has established itself as a premier, full-service provider of leasing solutions to all types of organizations, new and established, within the commercial vehicle industry.

BoomTruck.com has long been a nationwide leader in providing flexible and creative leasing solutions to the commercial vehicle industry. In today�s ever-changing marketplace, BoomTruck.com�s goal is to provide our business clients and vendor partners with the advantages they need to succeed. More than ever before, commercial vehicle dealers and manufacturers are faced with intense competitive and economic pressures. Increased quality, shortened delivery times and lower costs are what their clients have come to expect. Commercial vehicle payment options need to be flexible, innovative and competitive in order to allow a wide range of companies the ability to acquire the more expensive performance and technology they need to grow and prosper. As a result, more and more equipment sales professionals are collaborating with leasing companies such as BoomTruck.com in and effort to make their products more affordable. They are moving away from bank-type general lenders typically unable to accommodate the specific borrowing needs of the printing industry.

Niche Expertise

At BoomTruck.com, our goal is not to be all things to all people. Rather, we have adopted the plan to be the best at what we do � provide lease-to-own option on commercial vehicles. Over the years, BoomTruck.com has developed a very strong understanding of the commercial trucks we lease. As a result, we are able to provide leasing services to all types of business: new, established, financially healthy and even those with a troubled credit history. Unlike generalists, our niche expertise and strong remarketing capabilities have allowed us to continue to perform at an exceptional level even during economic downturns.

Are Boomtruck.Com's Leasing Programs The Same As Those In Other Industries?

BoomTruck.com specializes in �lease-to-own� programs. Other industries, such as the automotive industry, encourage the trade-in or upgrade of equipment at the end of the lease. Our �lease-to-own� programs are best suited for printing equipment that has relatively few changes in technology, are income producing and are durable in type.

Contact BoomTruck.com today to learn more about our convenient, competitive and flexible printing equipment leasing alternatives.

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