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Boom Truck's Quoting Tool

It remains our goal to assist you in quoting a competitive lease payment every time you reference the cost of your commercial vehicle. Regardless of whether you embrace paper & pencil or a computer, BoomTruck.com has the payment quoting tool for you:

Payment reference card
Monthly lease payment quoting as easy as one, two, three:
1.  Term: Select the desired term: 36, 48, or 60 months.
2.  Credit Quality: Determine your client's general credit standing: good, average or poor.
3.  Vehicle Cost: Determine the amount of the lease.

After you answer the above questions, simply multiply the corresponding payment factor by the truck cost to get your client�s estimated monthly payment. Contact us to request a Payment Reference Card be sent to your office.

Equipment Cost x Payment Factor = Estimated Monthly Payment

Payment estimate CD-ROM

For years, BoomTruck.com has been providing its boom truck vendor partners with an online lease payment calculator. For those interested in quoting lease payment options while offline, you can now order our CD-ROM version of our payment calculator. Insert the disk into your laptop or personal computer and it automatically installs in less than a minute.

The program is simple, just type in a commercial vehicle cost and it will generate a small range of possible payments in 24 to 60 month lease scenarios. The CD-ROM calculator also contains a simple ROI feature that allows a user to determine what type of commercial vehicle activity will be required to cover an estimated monthly lease payment. The CD-ROM also has a built-in synchronization feature ensuring your payment factors are up-to-date and current. Using the calculator to estimate a monthly payment takes only a second, and the payment option may be a strong selling point for your client.

Online lease estimate letter

If you are looking for a more formal lease estimate tool, our Online Lease Estimate Letter is the answer. Input your client�s basic contact information, truck description, and anticipated cost to produce a quick and complete lease estimate letter containing the follow features:

Personalized and addressed to your client/prospect.
Complete on BoomTruck.com letterhead.
Contains a reference to you and your company as our preferred boom truck vendor partner.
Boom Truck Financing lease consultant's signature and contact information.
An as-low-as payment for a 60-month term.
A description of all lease-to-own options.
"Next-Step" instructions on how to apply for a lease.

Online deal tracking

At BoomTruck.com, our top priority is keeping you informed on the status of your client's lease transaction. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can always get real-time updates on your lease deals. To learn more about your lease referral, visit our Online Deal Tracking and find out the following:

Application status.
Approval status.
Documentation status.
Purchase order status.
Payment status.
Review all correspondence with client.

Incentive programs

BoomTruck.com and our vendor partners� management teams all agree on one thing: introducing a competitive monthly payment option every time a commercial vehicle price is quoted WILL result in incremental boom truck sales. Therefore, BoomTruck.com offers its preferred vendor partners its Winners' Circle Incentive program. Winners' Circle is a unique incentive program design to help keep equipment leasing top-of-mind within the daily sales process of our preferred vendor partners.

Our Winners' Circle program allows commercial truck vendors affiliated with BoomTruck.com to earn one point for every one dollar funded via BoomTruck.com. Winners' Circle points are redeemed for VISA gift cards, giving you the freedom to buy what you want, when you want, anywhere VISA is accepted. The entire program is administered online at www.boomtruck.com, so it is easy and convenient to participate.
Register for Winners' Circle today via BoomTruck.com's Salesperson Resource Center.

Salesperson Resource Center

BoomTruck.com's Salesperson Resource Center is an online tool designed to supply our boom truck dealer partners with all the resources necessary to incorporate leasing into their daily sales process. Visit our Salesperson Resource Center today and learn more about the following:

Request/Download BoomTruck.com Leasing Literature: If you are looking for an effective way to introduce your clients to a payment option on their next commercial truck, download our entire line of leasing literature to your computer in a four-color, PDF format. This electronic format is perfect for e-mailing to your clients. If you would prefer, you can also request printed literature to be sent directly to your office. Our leasing literature is ideal for upcoming tradeshows, calling activity, and/or other client-related events. Literature available: Lease-to-Own; Tax Benefits; Credit Criteria; Get Pre-Approved; Buy-Now Pay-Later; Easy Start; Meet or Beat; and more.
Request Customized Leasing Literature: If you need assistance marketing your competitive payment options, BoomTruck.com is your partner. Allow us to create for you customized leasing literature that includes your boom truck image, logo, contact information, and images. Don�t wait - co-brand our competitive leasing options with your best-in-class printing equipment and enjoy added success.
Estimate Your Client�s Payments: Use our Lease Calculator and quickly quote your clients accurate and competitive leasing payments to your clients. You can even download our Lease Calculator to your desktop and take it with you, eliminating any need for Internet connectivity.
Track Your Leasing Transactions: If you are like most commercial truck dealers, you want to stay informed on your leasing transactions. As a result, BoomTruck.com has developed an online deal tracking system that allows you to review your leasing referrals 24/7/365. Need to know if a purchase order has been issued? Is your client approved? Have you received payment? No problem, visit our Salesperson Resource Center and get all the answers to your commercial vehicle leasing questions.
Leasing Promotional Programs: Stay informed on your company�s promotional leasing programs via our website. Simply visit our Salesperson Resource Center and learn about the newest leasing specials to which you can introduce your clients and prospects.
Manage Your Winners' Circle Account: Review your Winners' Circle point balance, update your user profile, check on recent activity, and track orders. When you accumulate enough points, you can simply point-n-click to order your BoomTruck.com VISA gift card.

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